Have you ever walked into a place that feels stale and unwelcoming? What’s the energy in your home? Here are 7 ways to make your home feel more.happy and positive.

1. Clean your home–especially doors and knobs. Sweeping Beauty Housecleaning can take care of this task for you.

2. Replace burnt-out light bulbs and repair or replace broken objects.

3. Remove clutter by discarding or donating an items you don’t use or love.

4. Open curtains and windows and allow the sunlight or moonlight and fresh air into your home.

5. Add sound– music, wind chimes or sing out loud.

6. In your most-used room in the house, add fresh flowers

7. Boil some cinnamon or lavender or use an essential oil diffuser to add natural pleasing aroma. Avoid plug-in types and aerosols.

These simple steps will make your home feel fresh and pleasant.